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TR Modern Industry

TR Modern Industry Co., Ltd. was established on January 26, 2006. After 10 years of growth of technical and designing experience of the engineering team combining with determination and intention throughout the operation, “TR. Modern” has been designing and manufacturing machines that are as efficient as ones in other countries. The company focuses on developing the quality of manufactured products to meet the target customers’ satisfaction and supplies. We also focus on the recruitment process aiming to get more competent personnel, to the selection of tools, machines, and modern equipment used in the production, and to the machinery’s quality control (QC) that meets the standards and the customers’ needs.

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Crate washer

Crate and container washer is equipped with circulating water system, automatic dryer, and cleaning solution mixing system that can set the level of concentration.

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Specially designed machine

The machine is created according to the concept or the customer’s original design for use in the manufacturing process.

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Used for conveying products in the production processes of most industrial fields. Operating in both automatic and manual modes, controlled by an electric system.

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Ultrasonic washer

The ultrasonic washer is a cleaning device using ultrasound and solvent to clean materials. Using the right solvent for each material can improve cleaning efficiency.

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Industrial parts washer

For cleaning manufacturing parts such as automotive, electronic, or any other industrial parts as required.


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Machines for the food industry

Design and create machines used in the food processing industry (Food Process Machine), agricultural products, frozen food, canned food, beverage, liquid diet, various types of sauces, snacks, appetizers, fruit and vegetable juices, etc.

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Vacuum Lifter

Enhances performance and safety at work. Can lift materials weighing up to 100 kg. Ideal for lifting bags and sacks such as plastic granule bags, flour bags, sugar bags, chemical bags, etc.

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Z-Bucket elevator

Using bucket elevator system which can convey either vertically or horizontally, designed for storage or packing purposes.

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Balancer Arm

As a mechanical arm for lifting, this labor-saving tool allows heavy loads from 5-150 kg. to be lifted by a pneumatic system.

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Fabrication Work

Design, manufacture and install all types of structures by using steel and stainless steel framework following the type of industry or the customer’s demand.

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Leak testing machine

A type of machine that uses automatic and manual testing equipment to check if the tested product passes the determined standard.

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Vertical conveyor

The vertical conveyor system can convey goods continuously, both in bottom-to-top conveying

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T.R. Modern Industry Company Limited ‘s services included machinery engineering, designing, manufacturing, and installation for all types of industries such as automotive manufacturing and assembling, electronics, packaging, food and pharmaceutical, beverage, and other related industries. With the preparedness and experience of the team, we are confident in our capability to respond to our valued customers’ needs.

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Crate Washing Machine
Bucket Elevator
Vacuum Lifter ``TURBO``
Manipulator Balancer Arm
Vertical Lifter Conveyor

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